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    Selection of interesting projects we worked on in the past

    Establishing a 360° profile team to drive new personalized customer experience

    Ceska sporitelna (part of Erste group), major CE bank

    Shifting the mindset of the communication team to always start based on learnings from customer data. Working with communication managers to see who are the buyers and key drivers. Enabling personalized messages/offers for specific customers across multiple channels. Working with engineering teams to make the process faster/scalable.

    Better-value Product Recommender

    Mall Group

    “The better-value product recommender, which DataSentics developed for us, enables our customers to choose alternative products transparently based on their advantages and disadvantages. The solution is unique in the space of recommenders thanks to using machine learning to generate transparent and explainable recommendations to our customers. This led to an increase in revenue of up to 20% in certain categories while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time. DataSentics was a partner for us along the whole journey from the initial idea to a scalable solution in production and worked with us as one team.”

    Roman Dušek

    Head of Mall eshop

    Social network influencer recommendations/relevance search

    Socialbakers, AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

    As part of the project we helped develop the influencer recommendation and relevance search algorithm and automated data pipeline for the social media analytics platform using Spark, Databricks and Elasticsearch.

    Online sales prioritization

    Allianz, Major insurer

    Online sales of motor insurance web leads - call centre prioritization predictive model

    Fraud detection

    Customer and digital marketing analytics

    Mana, FoodTech startup

    Customer analytics and targeted micro campaigns (CLV, etc.)

    Supply chain analytics and demand prediction

    Customer analytics

    Kooperativa, formerly Pojistovna Ceske Sporitelny (Vienna Insurance Group), major CE life insurer

    Building data science team and customers/ sales analytics, sales opportunities predictive model and distribution to sales agents

    Ride analytics and prediction, KPI dashboards

    As part of the project KPIs for the areas of marketing, corporate sales and supply management have been defined and a set of interactive dashboards have been implemented for these KPIs. This enables Liftago to monitor the performance of their business and understand the key factors which contribute to the KPI development. This contains also an advanced prediction and planning model which the seasonality of the business and dynamics of the client portfolio.


    Measuring efficiency of multichannel digital advertising campaigns

    Digital marketing agency

    MarketUP performs multichannel digital advertising campaigns for it's clients across a wide spectrum of ad systems like Google Adwords, Seznam Sklik, Facebook Ads, Adform, etc. The goal of the project was to ensure up-to-date online reporting on the campaign results using the Keboola and Microsoft PowerBI platforms across all systems both for MarketUP specialists and MarketUP clients. The goal was to increase the added value of MarketUP services towards it's clients and increase the efficiency of specialists by removing the need for manual reporting.

    Kooperativa, Vienna Insurance Group

    Operational risk analytics and dashboarding

    Kooperativa, Vienna Insurance Group

    Operation risk management dashboarding and analytics

    Customer digital journey analytics for job portal

    Job portal

    Creation of interactive dashboard of the customer journey towards conversion and analysis of the impact of digital campaigns across different ad channels in Qlik Sense (Facebook, Google Adwords, etc.) including several attribution models.

    Unified customer view across financial institutions

    Major financial advisory firm

    Build data platform on Azure to regularly collect and ingest detailed data about the development of contracts of a client across different various financial institutions and building a single customer view to be used for predictive modelling and business intelligence.

    Books recommendation engine

    Municipal library of Tabor

    Python solution implementing our enhanced JLH-measure recommendation algorithm which is tailored to the specific situation of book recommendation where there is a huge number of books and sparse user rating data. Our algorithm combines publicly available external data (rating websites, etc.) with the internal data of the library.

    Bike usage analytics and digital marketing

    Rekola, CE bike sharing platform

    Online and offline customer view and predictive analytics

    Major bank

    We helped the client build a wholistic view of the customer journey combining both online (web, display ad impressions, mobile app) and offline (transactions, products, ...) interactions. On top of that several predictive models were built to support ad targetting and cross-sell/up-sell/retention use cases.

    Recruitment augmented by AI/NLP

    Recruitment agency

    Using NLP to detect fraud

    Major insurer

    Fraud detection based on natural languange processing of claim descriptions.

    Call centre efficiency improvement using NLP

    Major insurer

    Using natural language processing of call transcripts (speech-to-text) for several call centre optimisation use cases / predictive models.

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