Digital sales optimization based on customer segmentation


Identifying individual personas in the entire customer base enables you to have more personal communication with your clients, helps to understand and leverage the key drivers of customer behavior.

Business case

Not understanding what type of people purchase your product or visit your website is a significant blocker for personalization and ad targeting.

By leveraging your website's behavioral data in ML models and intelligent data analytics, you can easily optimize your advertisement targeting at scale. The insights can be used for achieving higher ROI from your omnichannel marketing communication and better customer engagement.


The solution developed by DataSentics PX can determine the most influential drivers of purchase and whether they have a positive or negative impact. From the image below, we can see examples of positive and negative customer drivers.

  • customers tend to buy more on a computer compared to other devices
  • employed people are more likely to purchase
  • people from Prague are less likely to purchase

Our solution can also determine individual personas in the customer base. Each segment is described by a list of common characteristics, such as millennials from big cities preferring Netflix. These components can then be used for campaign targeting or personalization of existing customers and potential clients.

*CTS=click-to-sale rate


  • Increased conversion rate
  • Lower drop-off rate
  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to personalized customer experience
  • A better view of customers and their behavior
  • Understanding of the critical drivers of sale