NLP analysis of chats, call transcripts, emails


Chats and phone calls are an excellent channel for quick communication to the client and a powerful source of customer data. ML methods and natural language processing (NLP) techniques provide plenty of information from text chat data.

Business case

Detection of frequently discussed topics/problems in chats as soon as possible is a key to prevent customer unhappiness, increasing the chance of selling the discussed product, or detecting bugs/weak spots in your websites. Thus, you can save current clients from churning, potential clients from losing their attention and make customers buy the product.


Our solution presupposes using NLP methods while analyzing text and audio data to find keywords and the most frequent topics. Estimating the sentiment of the conversation helps to find the most problematic issues using day-to-day or week-to-week, month-to-month comparisons.


  • Quick processing, analyzing, and sorting all your chat data by ML/AI
  • Detecting of unfunctional “settings” button in internet banking or missing human resources
  • Successful using of topics from chat and phone call data to run a retention campaign