Personal Shelf inspector


Personal Shelf Inspector is an application that helps visually impaired people during their daily life shopping. The application is based on a similar neural network as our product Shelf Inspector for retail supermarket chains and retail producers.

Business case

Globally the number of visually impaired people of all age groups is estimated to be 285 million, of whom 39 million are blind. (WHO, 2011)

We decided to build and provide numerous tools that make shopping for visually impaired people simpler. These tools can be implemented in any retail chain within the loyalty app or directly in-store.


A visually impaired person only needs his smartphone to use our tools. Personal Shelf Inspector works as a web application that reads the price and product name from a price tag. The algorithm selects the price tag that is closest to the center of the photo and sends it to the model, which reads the price and product name on the price tag. It then returns this information back to the application, where it appears as text on the screen.

The voice-over built in the user's mobile phone reads this text aloud. Our app also helps to read the banknotes values and read from a live video.


Personal Shelf Inspector